about Turbo

Turbo electronic, Turbo, تۆربۆ

TURBO is a Home Appliances brand has been established and developed by AL Saqer AL Abyad Company and started operating and distributing its products in China and Dubai and Iraq, the brand offers one of the world’s most comprehensive product ranges in the home appliance industry, specializing in air-treatment (commercial and residential air conditioning solutions), refrigeration, laundry, large kitchen and cooking appliances, small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care and lighting and TVs .

Our Mission

To become the most trusted, innovative, Home Appliance brand where people love to work and customers love the service they receive and the products they purchase.

Our Vision

We are relentless in developing better sustainable solutions, so you never have to compromise. We push for change through creating innovations that minimise environmental impact and enable new, more sustainable behaviour. Because when we create responsible, built-to-last solutions, we also allow everyone who chooses TURBO to make smarter choices for the environment.