Built-in oven OV-7500B

Turbo built-in oven OV-7500B
Multifunctional independent built-in oven
Color: BLACK
Volume: 70 l
Operating temperature: 50 – 250 °C
Oven power: 3000 W
Energy class: A
Energy consumption in conventional operation: 0.99 kWh/cycle
Energy consumption when working with a fan: 0.79 kWh/cycle
Control: electronic touch, Soft touch
Number of oven programs: 9
– classic baking
– bottom heater
– classic baking with a fan
– Grill
– double grill
– double grill with fan
– convection cooking
– defrosting
– Eco
Circular heater
Internal fan with circular heater
Case cooling
Number of glass in the door: 3
Child protection
Internal lighting with 1 halogen lamp
Clear surface for cleaning
Wire mesh
Deeper enameled baking tray
Guides: 1 pair of partially extendable telescopic guides
Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Width of the built-in wardrobe: 60 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 595 x 575 x 595 mm





Ideal for: Mild baking of vegetables and paneer, Reheating, Defrosting, Caramelization. Convection mode is used essentially to boost the heat inside the oven and balance the overall heat by evenly distributing the air inside the oven through its fan. As a result, food can be cooked at lower temperatures reducing charring and enhancing its flavours. Convection mode gives an even browning and crispier baking results.


Ideal for: Grilled chicken breast/ meat/ steak/ fish, Crispy potatoes, Paneer tikka, etc., Convection Grill gives you an intense grilling result through the fan and top grill element providing an excellent environment for cooking large pieces of meat to achieve a moist inside and crisp outside. With the infrared grilling technology, a wider coverage and a deeper penetration of heat inside the food is ensured.


Ideal for: Roast chicken, Turkey, Barbecue skewers The Rotisserie mode is a classic way to grill or roast your whole chicken or a huge piece of meat. In this mode, the auto rotating skewer is attached to rotary broach that enables a steady rotation thereby providing even heating from all sides that makes your grilled meat more succulent and moist. You get a tenderly grilled chicken without the need to supervise every step with the help of this mode.


Ideal for: Roasted Chicken, Baked items that cook quickly, Barbecue With temperatures as high as 250 °C, 3D Hot Air, as its name suggests attains perfect heat distribution in the oven cavity and is used essentially for multidimensional cooking where there is heat. It is ideal when you need to cook on multiple levels and need a tender and softer result as compared to modes with back convection. Also, due to the excellent heat distribution in this mode, it can be used as an alternative


Ideal for: Light grilling results, Toasted bread Eco Grill is for everyday grilling, without worrying about the energy and electricity consumption. It activates the grilling at a lower power and is ideal for light grilling of cottage cheese, mushrooms and delicate vegetables like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and bell peppers. Faster and powerful grilling is achieved due to infrared grilling which reduces the cooking time by 30% compared to standard grill.


Ideal for: Fried dumplings, Ready to make packages, Flat breads, Waffles Suitable for flat breads and waffles, this function allows for gentle cooking of delicate recipes and for food that require slow cooking with minimal surface browning, thus retaining the flavour and succulence in the process.


Ideal for: Cake, Egg tarts, Muffins With only the top and bottom heating elements active, this function gives a moistier baking result that is ideal for baking cakes and muffins. It is best to bake on only one shelf at a time to ensure the best result.


Frozen food like meat, fish and vegetables, if cooked directly, may remain uncooked or add additional time to your cooking process. The Defrost function reduces the thawing time for your frozen food and makes it ready to go into your hot wok for deep frying or the next cooking mode in your oven.


In today’s fast paced world, we need things done yesterday. In such scenarios, we can save precious time between the preparation and cooking tasks by not waiting around for the oven to heat up. With the Quick Preheat mode, IRIS 70 can achieve a preheat temperature of 200 °C in less than 5 minutes. You can activate Quick Preheat directly from the home page, select the temperature which you want to attain and start the preheating.


When the time between cooking and eating is enough for your food to get cold, Keep Warm mode of IRIS 70 comes handy in warming up the food to the desired temperature. This prevents food from being overcooked which happens during the process of reheating and leads to a loss of nutrients and taste. You can select the mode from the home screen, select the desired temperature and time and start the mode. You can also use this mode as a preset.